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Who is mr. Putin: a brief biography of Russian President (part 1)

Who is mr. Putin: a brief biography of Russian President (part 1). Putin’s youth. Crime portrait of Putin According to various domestic and foreign media the period of 1990-1999. Here is just a small part of these messages. On 13 May 2000 in Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein, was arrested lawyer Rudolf Ritter, brother of the Minister of Economy of Liechtenstein. A little earlier, in April, the Western press leaked report of the German secret service BND, where Ritter was named agent of the Colombian “cartel” Ochoa brothers and Russian organized crime. Read more »

Tom DeMark

Financier Tom DeMark – one of the most famous and successful investors and consultants, who created several dozen original technical indicators. The very famous trader relies only on the technical principles of operation. Once he was even recorded in a program called “Certified Financial Analyst”, but he did not listen to the end of the course, since, according to the trader, the markets in the long term by fundamentals, and its indicators measure psychology – exactly what technical analysis.
First trader acquainted with the world of finance at the end of graduate studies in law and business. In the early 70s Tom got a job in the company National Investment Service – he took a job as a fundamental analyst. Company engaged in the management of pension assets and assets with co-production profit of about $ 300 million. Funds are invested in debt and equity securities with a fixed return.
The main success of the National Investment Service wings in the right timing. About his first job Demark recalls with ease, telling them that the boy was a professional “errand”, which was on the lowest rung of the company, but has risen quite rapidly, as much as possible, which is able to choose the time for transactions.
The main goal of Tom was working with a small group of people who had progressive views. By 1974, the company managed to avoid falling stock market, and the volume of assets under management rose to unimaginable 6 billion dollars.
Tom DeMark
Investor recalls that 1974 was very heavy. Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen from 1,000 to 570 during the political crisis, which has been associated with the reforms Nixon. And the stock market fell by about half.
But the National Investment Service avoid disaster – again, thanks to the right choice of time. Leadership enabled Demark do whatever he sees fit, and the trader went to an independent way, starting to work on the product market, where he spent diversification.
In 1978, Tom DeMark within the company was organized financial markets consulting division. While the list of customers was more like the book “Who’s Who” in the field. Demark continued diversification, provided the right timing for the implementation of transactions with shares and commodities. Through such actions profitability subsidiary exceeded profit founder.
By 1982, the famous trader left the company, continuing to engage in consulting activities. In total it was about USD 120 billion of assets on bonds, which were redeemable. In 1987, before the stock market crash, Tom Demark indicator signaled about the need to sell the shares. After a while, Tom was promoted to executive vice president of Paul Jones. There investor continued to develop their systems and explore the market.
Tom DeMark
One of the well-known technical indicators, created DeMarco is Sequendal. It reflects the cyclical approach to market analysis, where the determinant of the market itself acts. Work with cycles traders tend to cut to the same period pieces, but Demark said that the market is individual trading days no role. He tried to make comparisons with previous activity, activity prices.
The famous trader described in detail the custom indicators in a series that go on throughout the year in exchange Futures magazine since 1995. He wrote a fairly well-known book called “Technical Analysis – new science,” as well as a book about the right timing for the implementation of market transactions.
Investor unveiled about two dozen new indicators. This and indicators used by him in the work at Tudor developed with Williams. Demark tried to cover all aspects of technical analysis, leave open certain variables that readers turned to independent researchers. Despite this, most of the indicators are objective, simplified and automaticity.
Tom DeMark tried to find the best compromise between technical and fundamental analysis. He recognized that the long-term market trends to better identify with the fundamental factors. But here’s the point of entry and exit, in his opinion, it is best to determine the technical analysis. This analysis is needed in order to be able to determine the beginning and end of the trend, to avoid the entrance of the existing trend.
The famous trader builds his theory around the axiom that has been developed by them as: the basis of the trend are two critical points, through them, you can draw a straight line. But the trend is not drawn as always (left to right) – from right to left. Point through which to conduct trend, Tom calls TD (the initials of the investigator). Practice shows that his theory work, so modern trading knows many followers Demark.
Thomas Demark worked as a consultant, partner, employee in a variety of modern large-scale investment companies. He has been a consultant to companies, managed by George Soros, Michael Steinhardt, Leon Cooperman, Laurence Tisch, indicating that his extraordinary abilities.

Rick Redmont

Investor Rick Redmont – fairly well-known trader in shares, and his first experience, he was still a college student. Then, back in 1961, in the markets dominated by the bulls, and it allowed Rick quickly enough and lucky to get ten thousand dollars to turn twenty. While for him this money was not the need to buy something. The main thing – that the revenues grew faster than the income peers.
In 1962 he began to appear the first losses in the markets. Thus, some of the shares are no longer simply continue to grow. In such circumstances, Rick lost almost everything. He recalled with a smile, as earned 20 thousand in 1961 suddenly became in 1962 only two. But this is what was a defining moment for the further fate Redmont. He was interested in that it allows to make money so fast, and even faster to lose them – Trading became his main activity.
That’s when Rick started to learn. He was able to read almost everything that could relate to trading, beginning in 1900 and ending with the 1960s. After graduation, Redmond became a broker. And a couple of years, he decided it was time to start work only for themselves. Consideration, thus, continued in parallel.
Rick Redmont
When the future famous trader faced with technical analysis, figures, he quickly realized that there is not so simple as it seems. Otherwise trading is rapidly enriched to everyone. All figures were for Rick sufficiently clear, but it is understood that they will not be the key to success, so he began to teach the works of Richard Uaykrofa, where it is shown how to use the chart and trade in the market in the 19th century. According to Redmond himself, that after a careful study of the works Uaykrofa he began to really understand the market.
His work Rick bases on trade within the day OEX options. In some cases, it may leave a gap for the night, but he tries to avoid it. Redmond also says that some single integrated system for trading in the market does not exist and can not exist. After all, every trader – a personality. Each has its own approach to work, your nervous system, their own feelings.
Redmont same calls and buys the bonds, but not so as to make the spread, and to determine the direction of the market. The famous trader believes that the fundamental force that drives markets – is supply and demand. A perfect example of the theory can be modified Uaykrofa shareholder value.
So, if the first day of purchase 10,000 shares, the price changes to the item. On the second day – the same situation. On the third day already acquired 20,000 shares, and the price again varies by one point. Then, when acquired 40,000 shares, the price will change to half a point. And on the fifth day, despite the increase in purchases of twice the price already can not change.
Famous speculator notes that the most important thing – it’s fading demand. So that the demand is not lost, needed some specific reasons. After all, he may disappear by itself. But when it comes to sales, there are many reasons to become in a short position. Even when demand is already satisfied, is still a proposal. This explains the fact that the price reacts faster. After all, in the market there are always those who have something to offers, but you can find the demand is not always.
Redmont in their work often uses the Fibonacci sequence. He notes that today the markets are rarely adjusted to 50% of the previous move. In addition, a lot of attention paid Redmont trader psychology, considering the ability to find your own style and develop a plan to trade one of the basic requirements for a successful trader.
Responding to a question about the main character traits trader Rick Redmont stressed that every trader should be able to concentrate and want to learn the niche field of activity in which it is supposed to work. Only training, hard work, the existence of serious baggage of knowledge will help build a stable business that will not be afraid of any changes in the market, no crises, no bad deal.

Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen – famous trader, a successful billionaire financier, owner and founder of hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors, the asset manager of $ 12 billion. Cohen employs about 600 people. He lives with his large family in Greenwich and considers himself an ordinary guy. Given that the size of his fortune is estimated at 8.8 billion dollars, and magazine Wall Street Journal called him the king of hedge fund.
Steven Cohen was born in 1956 in Great Neck, in the state of New York, in a noisy and a large family. Interest in poker, he began to show in his youth, believing that this game can learn to take risks. He studied economics, in 1978 he was awarded a degree in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.
Stock markets began to wonder Cohen back in the days when he was a student. On the means by which it was necessary to pay for his studies at the university, Stephen opened the scoring in one of the brokerage firms. Suddenly investments were successful, and after a few transactions Cohen not only returned all invested funds, but also earned the amount which would have been enough to pay for the entire period of study at the university.
After graduating from university, the future famous investor started his career as a junior trader brokerage firm Gruntal & Co, trading in the stock market. There, he managed just a show – for the first time to bring the company’s profit in the amount of 8,000 dollars. Later successes become more significant – his company every speculator brought to 100 thousand dollars. After four years of operation the famous trader ran a group of employees, trading assets in the amount of $ 75 million.
Steven Cohen
It is known that the company Gruntal & Co Stephen worked until 1992, and then decided to create his own digging. So there was a hedge fund called SAC Capital Partners, which had invested more than $ 20 million earned in the firm Gruntal & Co. While it was very successful for the work, as hedge funds have had little in the stock market continued bullish trend.
Fund Cohen was able to attract 13 million investment, as Cohen was set relatively high percentage for the efficient management of assets, and this put a lot of third-party investors. Steve started working on Wall Street, in one of the small offices, but a year later earned a 17% per annum, has doubled assets, and after three years the amount of assets quadrupled.
1998 for Cohen and his company became a star – in accordance with the outcome of the year, the fund has earned nearly 50%, compared to competitors who earned just over 2%. A year later, the assets of the company rose to $ 1 billion and then everyone realized that fund some particularly lucrative. While Steven spent all his time in office, self-made ​​deal. The company, thus, continued to expand, Cohen has increased staff, revised the investment portfolio by adding a trading currency.
The following two years, the fund has brought investors a very good profit in excess of 60-70%. It then started to develop the market of hedge funds, they became more and more, there are companies that copied the style of all of the Fund Stephen. Then rumors began to emerge that the famous trader owns certain insider information to ensure that he is able to perform the transaction, significantly outperforming the market.
Steven Cohen
Next business funds were not so successful – assets increased significantly, but the profit was not so overwhelming. Due to the strong competition in the market, many funds were forced to close, but funds Cohen continued to work and show good profitability. In addition, Stephen has continued to open new funds.
Not all went as smoothly as it might seem. So, the fund SAC Capital and the investor have been involved in a scandal with insider information, have been inspected by law enforcement agencies the United States. Ex-fund manager has been charged by federal prosecutors in the insider trading. But Steven Cohen and fund charges did not show, so the scandal did not affect the operation and profitability of the company.
Despite the fact that Steven Cohen has a considerable number of experienced professional traders, but prefer to make their own deals. Thus, the share of transactions committed by them account for about 15% of the company’s profits. Cohen independently developed a program, with which he was able to keep track of stocks overvalued and undervalued by the market.
Steven always goes with the times to keep up – everything is constantly changing, requiring new approaches, methods and techniques. So, before Stephen did not hold trading positions for a long time, and now buys large blocks of shares, holding them longer.
Due to its enterprising and successful, extraordinary abilities, intelligence and hard work, Steven Cohen is known as the king of hedge funds and stands on one stage with such greats as George Soros and Julian Robertson Jr.. This success story proves once again that when a certain percentage of capacity, commitment and desire to be successful trading can be a great springboard for a profitable business.

Eric Naiman

Eric Naiman – a famous trader, financial analyst, portfolio manager, doctor of economic sciences, as well as the author of several books devoted to trading, risk management, analysis, investment management. Thus, the first edition of the labor Nyman called “Small encyclopedia of trader” came out in 1997 and has survived a dozen reprints.
Born Eric Naiman in Kazakhstan in 1969, grew up in Novosibirsk. He received his diploma about the end of the financial and economic department, Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management. A talented young man was seen more as a fifth year – Eric was invited lecturers as an accomplice to conduct business together.
For Nyman it was the first experience brokering. The company was called “Spread”, the main goal of its activities was to carry out transactions with vouchers. When you are finished in the newly-fledged office, the future famous trader toured many cities of Russia and Ukraine in search of themselves.
Eric Naiman
Nyman in the early 90’s he worked in the Siberian Stock Exchange as a regular trader. There he was engaged in the foreign exchange market, and quotes. It is in this area it was celebrated as a great specialist, one of the few who was able to earn serious amounts of currency, and even against the background of the banking systems.
Throughout 1997-98 Nyman worked as a financial analyst in the company “Alfa Capital”, its Kiev branch. In the period 1998-2001 he worked as a trustee portfolio investment in the company “Polar-Invest” (in Kiev), and by 2002 became the Executive Director, as well as an investment manager, “Inter-regional financial company” (Kiev).
From 2002 to 2011, Eric Naiman served as Director of Investment Banking of Kiev “Ukrsotsbank”. And everywhere he achieved success in financial affairs, achieving incredible results.
Results of the 1998, 1999 and 2004 have shown the result, due to which Eric Nyman was among the five most influential figures in the Ukrainian stock market (version of the newspaper “Business”). To date, Nyman is the managing partner of the investment firm «Capital-Times».