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New strategies Forex

Every trader from time to time trying to work new strategies Forex, because the market is constantly changing, requiring new techniques and methods of adaptation of the old strategies to new requirements. That is why you should not get hung up on the same systems and methods, even if they bring a good income.
Forex strategy – a set of specific rules by which the trader can find the most successful point to entry, exit, concluding a successful transaction and getting the maximum profit. Strategies, there are many, each of them is intended for trade with certain conditions, suggests their requirements and features, certain advantages and disadvantages, of which the trader must learn to how to use the Advisor to trade.
New strategies Forex – a great opportunity to change something in trade, make it more profitable and efficient, reduce the time spent on the job, improve performance, make work safer. Indeed, despite the fact that the current strategy generates income, there is always room to grow, improve and that new approaches and methods can provide a qualitatively new stage in his career.
New strategies Forex
Particularly relevant are new strategy if the trade has become less profitable. In this case, it is not necessary to continue to enter into losing trades and hope for profit, it is better to stop and analyze your trading plan, the means used. Then you can go to any site or forum, search for the best strategy to select some of the most suitable. It is necessary to test strategies, test their correctness and quality assess-friendliness and the trading style of the trader. Only after a thorough analysis and testing can begin to use the new strategy work.
Strategy 2013-2014 year can be found on many sites and thematic resources, but do not download everything. Even if the test and select only the best trader spend a lot of time testing of all experts. Choose should carefully, paying attention to the reviews from other customers, traders, the instructions in the strategy (to know, for what it’s designed parameters), etc.
New strategies Forex – is a great opportunity for a trader to continuously improve their own skills, improve your trading results, to develop a successful and profitable business.

Professional Forex Strategy

Professional Forex strategy – these are the systems that are used by experienced traders have been tested by time and a lot of people, include the use of knowledge about the basics of Forex and suggest making a profit. Professional Strategies in the Internet are abundant, you can download them free of charge or, but that does not mean that they will immediately teach the novice trader to get huge profits.
Forex strategy – it is a kind of algorithms for action set of rules involving certain terms and conditions designed to ensure that they can be had to make a profit. Each strategy is designed for specific trading parameters, successfully working with various settings, so the system must be able to not only download, but also customize their own work. Even the best Forex strategies will make a profit only if used skillfully, certain circumstances.
Forex professional always says that the foreign exchange market an absolute guarantee of profit can not give one. The market is too dynamic, often things change under the influence of certain circumstances prices may not move as anticipated, and even the most profitable strategy at the crucial moment may fail. One hundred percent probability of no never, but increase the chances of profit and significantly minimize the risks is a good system can.
Professional Forex Strategy
Forex Strategy professionals – those systems that have long been used in the market, have been thoroughly tested and refined by many traders. It is also important that these systems are well understood, so they know all the advantages and disadvantages, especially the work, the most favorable conditions, etc.
Strategy from the pros are constantly, so it’s not just about the classical system. Because the market is constantly changing, requiring new approaches to work, and therefore strategies are created regularly. The strategies from the professionals, there is one big plus – a system in which the authors did have extensive experience of trade, can realize interesting approaches to work, to acquaint newcomers with effective solutions that allow a profit.
As is well known, safe Forex requires that used the strategy involves minimal risks, but do not forget about the importance of the quality system. Not all programs that you can find on the internet are of good quality – some may contain errors in the algorithm and fail at the most inopportune moment, to give false signals. But policies that are created by professionals, such deficiencies are deprived, because the author has the experience to avoid these troubles and create profitable, risk-free strategy.
The big advantage for beginners is that today professional Forex strategies are accessible to all. Many sites offer free and paid strategies from professionals, good systems of experienced authors can be found in various competitions, rankings, making professional trading and available for beginners.

Forex Strategy – what is it?

Trading on the forex market in order to profit on an ongoing basis, is impossible without the systematization of trade, ie without following strict rules and laws governing the use of the market.
Forex Strategy-as just such a set of rules, including a description of the following items:
1) The currency pair for which there is a trade
2) The interval at which there is a trade in the forex strategy considered
3) Set forex indicators describing the parameters if the strategy forex indicator
4) The rules for entry into the market
5) Terms of the release of their market
6) Examples of trading forex strategy, better with pictures and explanations
7) forex strategy video version *
8) template for easy installation MT4 Forex indicators for consideration forex strategy *
9) Test forex strategy with a detailed report for the period from 1 year and up *
10) Advisor to the forex forex strategy for self-test, or optimizing trade forex strategy *
11) Additional terms of trade, if there *
12) The rules of money management and money management forex *
* Items 7-12 are not mandatory!
Forex trading system, forex trading strategy, trading strategy, forex system, forex trading system – all synonyms of the same concepts and phrases – Forex Strategy (ie a set of rules and tools for trade under certain conditions)!
At its core, Forex Strategy is like a “recipe for cooking meals in the kitchen” – you have “ingredients” and their correct application or “mixing” and gives ready “dish” in the form of profit or the minimum possible loss on forex, in order to preserve total deposit.
Of course does not happen very breakeven forex strategies, all of them losses of course there are, but the fewer the better, and certainly more stable strategy!
Forex Strategy – what is it?
On this website you can find a very large number of strategies, forex, at this moment there are more than 220: indicator, graphics, without indicator, scalping, scalping, simple and including my author Aleksey Loboda forex strategy, described in detail in my video course “Safe forex”.
Just keep in mind that not all of them will work and make profit consistently since the forex market is constantly changing and the smaller range for trade, the less stable strategy. Than the interval the higher the resistance to higher market volatility. In this and choose to trade, it is desirable precisely those strategies or forex trading systems, which are recommended at intervals of H4-D1.

Testing strategies forex

Any forex strategy, published on this site or you invented before using it on a live account, you must first be tested on historical data and it is desirable for the demo and cent accounts, so we are today and discuss the issue of testing forex strategies. The more that I often novice traders forex asked this question: “What do you think has a right to life, my invented forex trading system …”
there are several
methods for testing trading strategies:

1) Visual method:
1 You set the schedule on your chosen currency pair all the necessary forex indicators with the necessary parameters, do the construction (if they are needed, and this strategy is based on graphical analysis of forex) or install a template MetaTrader 4 already prescribed parameters of indicators, and so.
2 Then simply flip through your chart to the left – on the history and begin to find the signals received by the rules of your forex strategy test. Thus you notice where and on what sites your strategy made ​​it possible to earn and what number of points, and gave only where losses.

3 Looking at the history so you can identify patterns of the forex market and in particular the consideration of the currency pair, adjust and make changes to the forex indicators and thus achieve better results when trading forex strategy.
4. visual testing strategy, you need to at least browse through the history of price movements for 6 months, and preferably 1-2 years!
Of course this is a very complicated process, but nonetheless spent a few hours on the calculation of profitability and optimization of forex strategy, you will save money on their real future trade.
I personally tested this way almost every strategy of this site (although I do not deny that at this point many of them have lost their relevance, but at the time of publication, they all make a profit), and the same method found a pattern strategy “Flag + ABC” and my own strategy.
2) Testing using forex advisors:
This is certainly the most simple method of testing strategies: you or your programmer creates Advisor (although this service is also very often paid), you run the advisor selling you on the trading system devised in the Strategy Tester of MetaTrader 4, select the desired time period in history, prescribe necessary parameters indicators forex advisor and he is testing you to strategy for the selected period.

If the results are not very good, then you change the settings, or pick up a forex indicators and ensure the profitability of your devised strategies. There is also an automatic process and the selection of the parameters, it is called optimization. That is, you specify the permissible scope “and from” everyone interested you start setting indicator and adviser on optimization. Strategy Tester independently pick the most profitable result and after a long process of optimization gives you its settings (although you can pick up the results of optimization and independently from the mass of the tested variants).
So you can most accurately test and optimize your strategy.
Recommended interval testing and optimization – from 6 months (at least!) To 2-3 years (desirable).
Now a few words about the testing and optimization in Metatrader 4:
1 Advisor to be placed in the folder “C: \ Program Files \ <name Forex Broker> \ experts \”, where the name – for example Forex4you or Metatrader 4 – <name of the broker>
2 Pre-and all the forex indicators that are used in the test strategy as well be placed in the folder “C: \ Program Files \ <name Forex Broker> \ experts \ indicators \”
More information about the testing of experts, see the video:

3 Note that if “modeling quality” after the test is not equal to 90% and the number of errors “Mismatched charts” is not equal to zero, then the test conducted is not entirely true! And the reason for such testing may not be a complete archive of quotations (with gaps in the history). In order to make it more complete, we must finish loading these quotes and carry out the test from the beginning!

I recommend to test all advisers, and therefore the forex strategy in the Alpari since this broker’s most comprehensive archive of quotations, today.
4 If desired, you can put a bird “Visualization” and you will observe how and when the deal happens, closing, and so.
5 Also desirable would be for testing using the “forward test” – a test that is conducted for the period for which you have not optimized Advisor! That is, if the optimization and expert testing conducted for the period up to the present day, and a few months earlier (eg 1.01.2012 to 1.09.2012 – the so-called back-test), then on the period from 09/01/2012 till today’s date – 16.12.2012 advisor should give the same profit with those obtained by optimizing the parameters advisor!
There are certainly a lack in this test method:
No opportunity to test graphics forex strategy, as advisers writing on them rather difficult task, as I understood from communication with programmers …
3) Testing on a demo account or a Cent account:
This method of testing is recommended to carry out after the 1st or 2nd method described above! This will allow you not to lose time (as forex signals may have to wait a very long time) and save albeit small, but still the money if you’re trading in the forex cent accounts.
If the strategy and post-test on the 3rd method gives positive results for 1-2 months and you follow the rules of money management, as well as the rules of money management, you can safely move to trade on the larger trade accounts and deposits.

Taxes forex

Dear traders forex, in this article I want to continue the theme of cashing in forex and taxes when withdrawing money earned on the currency market
Long thought as yet to present you this article that there was no “extra” questions and attempts to involve you for tax evasion, the profits obtained in the forex market, so if you all want me to what I say “pay taxes do not have to! .. “, then of course you are wrong! ..
Have to pay taxes (!), But I do not argue that earn this same profit on forex is not so easy and such traders who profit constantly, not so much, so that the article will be useful for only a little, although I think the interest in it will be present in many …
And considering that the money in the forex gets very hard work: as a psychological and mental, then of course many traders question: “Why did pay taxes, and so I constantly risking their money, no one taught me trade, I myself ran into pitfalls, lost money, paying for training, work through the Internet, and here and taxes ??? ”
I agree, sometimes it’s very sad and I is no exception, but such are the laws of your country, you get a profit from operations – pay taxes, and there’s no getting around it. Yes you can try to evade taxes and will likely have no one will notice if the amount you withdraw is rare and not very large, but if the profit on forex – a constant your income, then it is better to pay taxes and “sleep”!
In this article we consider the cases in which you need to do it and what are the ways to reduce taxes (and legitimately) and including in some cases, you can not pay them for any reason.
First of all, it should be remembered that the tax is paid in the Forex basically only out of profits:
As far as I know, the profits derived from transactions with trading the financial markets, including Forex, taxed – 13% – 15% of the profits (for Russia and Ukraine, respectively). Payment of tax is carried out with the income for the year and for this you need to submit a declaration to the Tax Office.
Granted, the percentage is far smaller !!! Earned the “blood and sweat” $ 10,000 a year, give 1300-1500 dollars …
Now about WAYS paying tax on forex:

First of all you need before opening a forex trading account to find out whether your broker pays forex taxes for you or you need to pay the tax when removing the profit on their own?
If the broker pays himself, then you do not worry about it – you will get the amount in your account, net of tax …
If you do not pay, then of course you need to decide for yourself whether you want to pay taxes at the end of the year, or try to reduce its interest rate or even will to evade taxes (But just to warn you – this is at your own risk, I do not in any it is not recommended!) … in this case, still need to find out: Will a broker reports on your account in the tax!
Exactly when you need to pay tax:

1 It is already paying taxes when you withdraw money from the internet! That is, get them as real money on hand or bank account bank in your country (in any currency).
If you get them as cash (in the exchanger webmoney, for example, or do a mutual exchange with a friend), then it is your right to pay or not.
This question is very important formulation of receipt of payment and form of getting money!
If the money is still coming to the bank and the words “Forex”, “Financial Markets” in payments does not appear, then the tax rate may be different, such as below (if you want it of course).
The options are:
1) You can pay a monthly common minimum tax, as the tax on the activities of the Internet (but for this you need to register as a PI or PE): freelance, business information and etc., but no matter, you got a profit this month or not! So how to check what you are really doing online is not as easy (if not check e-wallets). And if the money came from your electronic purse and it just withdrawals and “forex” does not exist anywhere, then it is difficult to prove that this is not so.
2) the best course to consult with accountants on this issue and I think they are just something you tell us how to reduce the tax rate.
2 If you are an individual entrepreneur or Self-employed (in Ukraine), it is better to pay taxes!
At least a single tax on any kind of activities related to the Internet and sleep well – described in detail in paragraph (1) …
Do not forget about the wording of option payments and cashing (cashing eg through exchange offices).
3 Withdraw the profit to the bank account: to profit from financial operations on Forex or any other financial market (the wording of payment with such emphasis and payment is received from a legal entity).
If there appear the words “Forex”, and etc., then you are already covered by the payment of tax of 13-15% profit !!!
4 Profit shooting time – increases chance to be controlled and it is better in such cases do not joke with the tax.
5 Conclusions large sums of money and again the same – the time (the same).
6 If your bank delivers reports to regulatory authorities on the movement of money in your account or card.
When you can postpone the payment of taxes or do not pay them to try (at your own risk):

1 Your Forex Broker is already done for you when withdrawing money – definitely do not pay!
2 They took the money only on the e-wallet and not to cash the money and spend in the internet (again, if you do not live in Russia, and electronic money is not equal to the ordinary law of money).
3 They took no profit, and the account balance or loss of your trading for the year is more than the profit and they documented. And these documents will be sufficient to prove that the profit you have not received.
4 They took the money on the card and Payoneer cashed at any ATM in your country or abroad (for reasons already explained in a previous article about cashing money from forex).
5. you withdraw money at stake Bank of the country of residence, you are not. But another question is how you will feel when stored money in the bank of a foreign country? .. Himself so do not probyval, but I think it’s perfectly logical (for example – offshore, Swiss bank accounts etc).
6 It is certainly possible to transfer money and your bank card (Visa or Mastercard), but it is desirable that the amounts were not particularly large, and only if the bank does not submit reports to the tax without your knowledge – it is necessary to clarify this point (!) (since I know that the bank is obliged to submit data on the movement of funds on your card only by court order, and in other cases, no!) + wording payment should smack in the transfer of personal funds!
And note that shoot better amount in such cases it is through electronic payment systems (such as Webmoney + then tied him to a map of your bank) – reason: the wording of the payment does not give you money as money received from forex trading (such as “Returns … “) + this operation is not related to the business activity! See below for an example:

That’s all I wanted to say about taxes from payments received when withdrawing money with forex … I do not think I opened my eyes to something beyond the new, but all I know – described.
I repeat: I certainly do not encourage anyone to avoid taxes !!!
Pay taxes and it is desirable to also allow you to “sleep”! Especially if you are a successful trader and do not want to burden yourself with unnecessary problems and so hard-earned money.
Just want to clarify this situation is valid at the time of this writing, over time, I think the situation will in any case lead to the fact that the income received through the Internet is all the same will be monitored. So the issue is not taxes – it is only a temporary phenomenon.
And of course, interested in the opinion of each of you about paying taxes? Maybe someone knows better than me in this matter, or is constantly faced with similar situations. So grateful for the good advice and comments from your side.
I do not know for Russia, but other countries, these schemes will work (we do not have the law on electronic money – for now …)