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Choosing a Broker Forex

Selecting a Forex broker is a very important issue for any novice trader, as it will depend on many things: working conditions, technical features, the level of commission – and, as a consequence, the overall success of a business. Therefore, choosing a broker should be given serious attention, carefully examining every detail.
First of all, before you choose a brokerage company, it is desirable to view the various rankings and lists the most trusted companies for many years working in the market. The reputation and quality of work is very closely related when it comes to the Forex market, as governing the Internet bodies and organs, not so much, and in many cases it’s reputation is the key to a successful and long-term, honest work.
Forex Broker have to be honest – to provide quality work and do not use any means to increase their own profits from the trader. It is timely execution of orders – no slippage, and communication failure in the most important moments in the derivation / commissioning tools, etc.
All this has a significant impact on the quality of work and its profitability, and the broker must be content specified in the conditions of the Commission’s cooperation, but do not hide other payments or attempt to obtain funds of illicit ways.
Choosing a Broker Forex
Forex brokerage companies must provide optimal trading conditions. A trader can lose money on such costs as swap spread, some commissions. So before you enter into a cooperation agreement, you must carefully consider all of this. Despite the small percentage of the various commissions, in general, the trader can save them up to 30% of revenue, and that’s not counting hidden fees (which are unacceptable for serious brokers).
Choosing a broker must take into account the overall quality of the work – the convenience of the trading terminal, methods deposit, withdrawal, minimum deposit, account types, and many other conditions. For starters, you can open a cent or demo account with a broker and try to work with him – as a rule, all the advantages and disadvantages can be seen from the very first days. Opportunity to open a cent account, not all companies offer, so if there is a need for constant use of such accounts should be selected Cent Forex brokers.
Important is the support of a broker, especially for beginners, who in the early days and months of trade alone can not find the answers to all the questions and require assistance. The extent to respond promptly to the technical service representatives, as they are attentive to customers, can tell you about the company’s positioning in the market, its focus on the further successful work.
It is desirable that the broker provides a wide range of software. It should not just be a standard trading platform MetaTrader4, but also applications for different mobile devices. Despite the fact that most of the traders are the main work with desktops and laptops home, the ability to close deals and manage accounts from a mobile phone, tablet, PDA, while in travel and just outside the home, the excess will not be for anyone.
Choosing a Broker Forex
An important criterion for choosing a broker is security. Many of today’s brokers are willing to open accounts to all traders in a row, without requiring any of those documents or guarantees. This should alert the serious trader. Security concerns and withdrawal, account access. All must be protected multilevel password system, the broker must provide security and at the level of protection against hackers, hacking accounts, etc.
You can view the recommended Forex brokers, which often publish lists of experienced traders sites. This gives you the opportunity to see who is trusted and experienced craftsmen known which companies prefer the majority of traders.
Choosing a brokerage company, many traders exaggerate the importance of certain factors. One is the training that is necessary is not all traders. Also, many people do not need an analyst (though serious companies provide analytical reports), high leverage. Selecting a Forex broker should be implemented taking into account the factors and requirements that are important to the individual trader, that will provide the most effective cooperation.

Cent Forex Brokers

Dear traders, especially beginners …
Today I want to talk about a very important topic in the learning process, namely the preservation of capital in the beginning of your career as a trader!
Preservation of capital – this is very important psychologically for you personally, and of course financially – to lose money no one wants …
In today’s environment of learning in the forex market, there are very, very useful feature of some forex brokers: the presence of a Cent account!
Cent accounts forex have several advantages over conventional: micro, mini and standard. Now we have them in detail and consider:
1) Cent account allows you to save your capital, since opening an account for 10-100 dollars, you get a result of the deposit of 1,000 – 10,000 cents (ie $ 10 x 100 – $ 100 x 100)! But at the same time on the screen you just numbers and in fact you can even imagine at some moment it bucks …
In the derivation of the same tools you going again converted into United States dollars.
2) Trade for cent accounts – it is no longer trade on the demo, as yet there is the psychological factor is actually and it’s just as though small, but still real money!
3) Open an account and check out your hand at forex and generally understand whether or not to engage in trading can be virtually anyone, so you open an account for 50-100 dollars or 5000-10000 dollars – it’s still a big difference already. And if you even lose the money, it will not be so sad and all.
4) If you do not have large sums to open a real account, and you are operating in the amounts 50-100-500 dollars, then of course you will be easier to sell the same money but 100 times enlarged on cent account! You can open a transaction volume of 0.01 on a cent account, there is a conventional 0.0001. Believe that you do not allow any one broker. A cent due to the type of account will allow and thus it will be easier to follow the rules of money management forex!

When I started my trade forex, 7 years ago, my deposit was $ 2,000 and I traded 1 lot (not even 0.1 – this just was not possible at that time) !!! – It may not be combined with a 2-5% risk for each transaction of the deposit, as recommended by the rules of Money Management. And of course the result was abysmal at the beginning – a loss of 30% of the depot on the first day of trading …
You also now have this wonderful, I think, an opportunity – to train for cent accounts, they are the accounts for the training!
If someone says – it’s not “serious approach” or “why bother to trade forex, you need to earn at once or not at all trade”, I reply: “You have to learn how to trade, learn to increase your deposit, and on what account you means – it does not matter! “Train, learn how to get a steady income, increase their depot in 3-5 times and then open another type of account.
And if you come to make a quick profit on forex and think that it will have you prepared all the time – you’re wrong …
Forex – a job! And here without learning to do nothing!
I also traded in forex for a while on the news – a great strategy, good profit. Traded with me a few traders and we all made ​​a profit, but now have I only trade. Since the “Lafayette” c news quickly ended, and to change and to learn one more would not …
And of course I want to dispel the myth that say, “Cent accounts do not appear on the market and you are trading with a broker opposite” – I agree, though not entirely, there NDD-cent account for some brokers, on the other hand, less controlled cent accounts and by and large what a difference where the trade – the broker or is Forex? Forex – is not within the company and the conditions of “severe” (pending orders are not guaranteed – stop-loss buy-foot and a sell-stops and limits as well) so learn and let it be a maximum charge for your training!
Opened the account for $ 100, even if they lost (although subject to the rules of MM is very hard to do), so consider what you just paid for the training and the broker does not allow you to lose more …
So Cent account – an account for learning! And if you are a beginner – open it safely, it will save you a lot of your money!
So in conclusion, I want to provide a list of some forex brokers cent.