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Education Forex individual

Education Forex individual today is one of the most preferred forms of the study of the functioning of the market, which allows beginners as deep and comprehensive study of the main aspects of trade, having both theoretical and practical training. Such training is the best for beginners, who will learn a lot.
Individual training forex usually involves assistance coach, who will serve as a mentor. Forex mentor will be able to answer all the questions that appear at the student in the process of assimilating information, view the video lessons, perform various operations in the trading process.
Trader will learn on their own to perform various types of analysis (technical and fundamental), to create adequate forex forecasts. Learning by doing is much more effective than just reading a huge amount of literature on the topic of materials, specialized forums. If traders do not understand something, he can count on the advice forex mentor assistance.
Education Forex individual
Education Forex individually involves independent planning trader the whole educational process, the schedule of classes. It can be engaged at any time, from anywhere in the world, for which he just needed a mentor provided training materials and access to the Internet to be able to immediately work out on a cent account, ask a teacher questions, to consult on a particular topic.
It is also important that traders can choose their own exercise intensity. Someone quickly and the first time acquires information has the ability to devote the whole day learning Forex. In others the learning process can move much more slowly, especially if you do not have time to sit at a computer monitor a lot of time.
Individual training can be designed for beginners or to assume that the need for the student’s specific knowledge and practice in the field of trader. So often and experienced masters becomes relevant learning specific techniques and methods of trade. Often those who earns well, there is a need for additional materials and information – so very popular course Safe Forex 2.
Education Forex individual
Before viewing the curriculum materials, the trader can make a demo or a cent account to immediately use theoretical knowledge in practice. Cent account is preferable, as it gives the opportunity to participate in real trading, but with a minimum amount immediately face challenges and confusing situations, or to achieve success using the knowledge obtained from the coach.
Education Forex individual is able to give the trader the most versatile understanding of the foreign exchange market and the laws by which it operates, to learn to perform fundamental and graphical analysis of forex, build schedules, make predictions, and perform many other actions that are required for successful trading.

How to start trading in Forex ?

Every newbie asks how to start trading in Forex and make it the most successful professionally, using all available means and constantly increasing its deposit. In order to create a profitable business in the foreign exchange market, you must first understand how it works, what affects the changes in exchange rates, how to use these or other technical means to carry out analysis and forecasts, to conclude the transaction.
Forex training is one of the basic conditions for successful trading. Do not learn all and relying on the fact that in the course of trade, all will become clear, traders lose all their money. It is because of frivolous attitude to the need to learn and to give full attention to trading, more than 90% of new traders in the first deals made lose all your deposit and stop career, so its not starting, actually.
Experienced traders recommend Forex beginners do not neglect any theoretical or practical training. Before you begin to trade on Forex, it is advisable to take a course, whether it is a class in a classroom or independently video. Information must be filed systematically and clearly, be accurate, concise and truly relevant for the novice trader. Today, many brokerage companies, private traders offer courses for beginners and free Forex desirable to use this opportunity to learn a lot.
How to start trading in Forex
A trader should pay attention to every aspect of the trade. Can not do without the study of terms and concepts, without acquaintance with the history of the forex market. We’ll have to look for information about the functioning of the economy and finance, about the factors affecting the changes in the value of currencies. Trader in the learning process should learn how to perform the technical and fundamental analysis to make predictions, create a trading plan. Forex trading requires discipline and knowledge, ability to cope with emotions and calculate all their actions in advance.
Theoretical training can be immediately combined with practice – to open a cent or a demo account, learn from it to enter into transactions, to perform analysis and make predictions. Practice will make it possible to try to trade, learn a lot from that, what will not tell any one lesson, make up your own trading system, learn not to be afraid of any big gains or big losses.
Useful novice trader can become owner of Forex training. Most traders learn individually, experienced traders to provide invaluable experience and advice from a professional, avoid many of the mistakes beginners as efficiently as possible to spend time and effort on training.
Before you begin to trade on the Forex trader needs to learn a lot, but in the process he constantly have to improve their own skills, to seek new ways of working to adapt to the constantly changing market requirements.

Professional Forex

Professional Forex – it is not just the availability of funds for transactions, trading platform and the trader, haphazard opens positions in hopes of getting a big ambulance arrived. Professionals in the currency market – people engaged in currency speculation, which really get a steady income, are constantly learning, seeking new skills and knowledge, and improve their own work strategy, give the work a lot of time and effort.

In order to become a professional in this field in the first place, the trader must receive training in Forex. You can learn in different ways – some are reading books and articles in specialized portals, other recorded courses, and others watch videos or just perceive in practice all the wisdom of trading on or demonstration cent accounts.

No matter what form of training chosen trader, the main condition – etosistematizirovannoe obtain qualitative knowledge. It is not necessary to try to comprehend all at once – a new field of activity always requires some effort, attention to all the features. In the first place, it is necessary to get acquainted with the history of the market, the basic laws of his work, terms and concepts. Then you can move from theory to practice, download the trading platform, try to work with him.
Must be in the process of learning should be considered and the complex phenomena such as graphic and fundamental analysis, forecasting, especially the work in a particular market situation, the closure of loss-making and profitable positions, placing orders, etc. Once a trader feels ready to work and self-confidence, it can open demo account, try to work, and only after a series of successful transactions – to start a major trade.

Forex as a business requires a serious and responsible attitude. Despite the seeming simplicity of making money, only a few of the hundreds of really succeed and multiply deposit, the rest are newcomers out of the market with nothing. Here we must be able not only to press the button, but do it on time, pre-sorting out the current situation with the prices in the market and choosing the most opportune moment to sign the bargain.

If the trader does not know anything about the Forex market, it is advisable to pass any courses to get all the necessary knowledge in the correct sequence, gradually learning the trade and all the wisdom of digesting all the information. Walking training Forex, browse video courses where sufficient detail, in a simple and understandable form, describes all of the processes, procedures, functions and concepts.
In order to become a professional, there is little theoretical training – important both theory and practice. Even with good training, there are certain skills a trader, a great desire to earn a lot of things are perceived and “come” only to the extent of practical experience of trade.

So, when it comes to the professional trading, there is no room for emotions and feelings, confusing and empowers them to make decisions based on good judgment, facts, and a pre-existing trading plan.

Work on Forex for professionals – it is really an effective way to permanently increase your deposit by investing in his own trade. But the desire to make money in order to succeed, here are a few. In this case, no relevant diplomas, recommendations, previous places of work, etc. Importance only knowledge, ability trader willingness to continually learn, improve, use all possible means to success.

Professional traders are not passive professionals who once learned something and now rapidly earn money. The Forex market is always changing, so professionalism here – it’s an experience, multiplied by the dedication and self-improvement. And experienced traders are constantly learning something, create new strategies and indicators used in the different facilities.
So, if the trader does not have enough knowledge about the rules of money management, it goes kursBezopasny Forex-2, if he feels a lack of knowledge about the fundamental factors influencing the market – reading relevant articles and books. Only postoyannoeobuchenie, compliance, market, the introduction of new tools to improve the earnings will give an opportunity to organize a successful sustainable business that will survive even a series of unsuccessful transactions.

Professional Trading on Forex – a great opportunity to be successful and earn a lot of money through their own abilities and capabilities, leveraging their intelligence. Careful planning of each step, self-discipline, ability to make decisions in extreme conditions, rapid response and sober, “cold” mind even in difficult situations – those qualities that are necessary for any trader to succeed.

Professional Forex – is a constant learning experience, self-discipline, security deposit, the ability to adapt to rapidly changing markets, the desire to work and earn. Only in this case, a novice trader will be able to become a professional with high profit margins.

Forex – Freebie or Scam?

And so, what do you think, what is Forex – Freebie or Scam?
Why question is that? Yes, because it is a basic opinion of all others, who somehow came across the Forex market or that view their familiar colliding with forex and has put a stigma for them in this financial market.
1st opinion:
FOREX – is uniquely Freebies!

A typical case:
You come to any DC and you are shown (a deal in 2 sides) and tell how easy it is to trade and make a profit on forex and all that is needed – only know the direction where its sign (!!!) and deposit (which so far are silent) without which the trade will not work of course.
But that’s just a trend – Try to guess!
FOREX – is a Freebie!
Or maybe you just saw a huge number of advertisements on television, big boards and etc. and decided, why not? They say it’s cool – to be a trader, “white collar” – you can tell the elite. Terms of unemployment, and you then own business, there are no chiefs. All you need to – take your 10 points (4-x mark per day) 1 lot and already $ 100 a day! A month is already $ 2000 – and you can not work – cool !!!
Here it is and a freebie …
Or even if you have no money – no problem! DC you will find the same investor that will allow you to trade his money and you will receive 30% of the profits – is not a freebie? And only need to take a course and start trading.
Actually happens sometimes, but sometimes, mostly DC just interested in you as a trader who pays for the training, which is a potential client, open a trading account, and they will receive a commission from your transaction and all of which would not, if DC is an honest and not trying to assign your money in any way (which can sometimes be found) … And the investor will – you are lucky, if not – you will open an account for yourself just as you are “sure that everything you know” and forex you subservient.
And a lot of this and peck, peck, and so I …
2nd opinion:
FOREX – is a scam / divorce!

Forex – Freebie or Scam?
This is the opinion of those who waited for that forex freebie, but obzhehsya … Or is it not your own opinion, but the opinion of friends and relatives of those who lost money when trading in this financial market and of course all said – that there are deceiving and do everything to take your money.
This is a very popular opinion, we have wherever you are lost (even if the fault of their own) – is a scam!
And now, in fact, the reality is:

In fact, neither the 1st or 2nd opinion on forex is not true!
I agree that there can sometimes be and not having the knowledge to make a deal and make a profit, and more than once.
I agree that this is not an easy market in which money is all rowing shovel and all their just handed out.
But it is possible that some unscrupulous DC forex cheat in some cases beginners.
But basically: Forex – a market that just takes a newcomer to the means of their own weaknesses!
That is why, before you come to forex trading, you need not just watch commercials and “take to deceive”, and try to appreciate the sensible reality.
Namely, answer the questions for themselves:
1 Why, if everything is as easy as they say in advertising, you do not see around large of number of successful traders? And indeed why not all about the rich, but on the contrary?
2 What you risk, and most importantly what you are willing to take a chance, if you really want to become a trader? Find out what risks lie in wait for you!
3 Do you realize that in each case, the business class has its pitfalls?
4 Are you ready to overcome all these obstacles?
5 If it is a financial activity and it is possible to become a rich man (secured, millionaire etc), then do not you think that in order to become them, you need to learn a lot ???
6 What do you want from forex – a quick profit or secure future (though maybe not right away)?
If you are faced with the notion that forex – scam, then:
7 Ask them the same questions, and most importantly find out whether tried trader, lost a little bit of money to learn to trade ???
8 Does it just a little bit guilty or blame themselves all around (broker, turned off the light, the internet, someone posovetyval etc), and he is not?
9 Why scam the whole vast structure called FOREX and not the perpetrator himself?
I think you get my hints and now I want to give an objective assessment of the forex market, traders estimate that has gone from a novice, was losing money and did not know how to do to make money in this market, to the experienced trader who makes a profit on forex for many years.
And as FOREX – is:

1) First of all, a business and you need to treat it that way. There are no bosses, costs in the form of rent, delivery and etc., but here you are your own boss and only on how you cope with your ego and will determine whether you are successful or not.
Forex – hard work!
2) Forex trading, this activity, which is required to learn and practice! Without an understanding of what’s going on, not what to do here. You can 1-2-10 times a profit, but in the end without a system of trade can lose everything you have on the trading account.
3) One of the financial markets in which anyone can come and test their strength, to understand this lesson fits him or not (as here deposits from $ 1 and free access for all). On the stock market, you will not be able to trade with $ 1,000 needed deposits 10s and 100-thousand dollars no! That is why forex and one of the most popular markets.
4) On the forex does not give out money to anybody, here they need to make their mind and even psychological mood and on how you yourself will be monitored and the result depends.
5) On the forex more than 90% of new traders keep losing money because of his inexperience! Due to not wanting to teach …
6) If you and will want to really learn and become proficient Treder, you need to learn and practice on a minimum score (cent accounts forex) and believe me, 10-100-200 dollars would be enough to understand the score for forex and are you ready continue to trade.
7) The forex market is really possible to earn a living, make a fortune, at least to become an experienced trader and earn 2-3 thousand dollars, but it needs and capital 5000-20000 thousand dollars. And we’ll discuss this with you in the next lesson on forex training.

Is it possible to earn on Forex?

Maybe Forex – is a pyramid scheme or just something not attainable? and etc. …
To this question I have already answered a huge number of times, both individually and in the comments of the site, personal questions by e-mail.
So I have even formed a ready answer:
Earn possible and necessary, if you have this desire, and you will be able to cope with their fears and greed. And even more so if you understand that, in any case just need to train and practice and you are willing to spend their time, and perhaps some small savings.
Is it possible to make money on forex trading and how much?
BUT, if you want a freebie – it is better not come on the market!
In any case, the situation will be worse if you do not try your hand at forex trading and will reproach myself all my life, or simply join a number of speakers about forex – “This is a scam, my friend lost a lot of money here … Its all been deceived” (and he of course “holy” and nothing much to do to somehow stay here …)
Of course the word “try your hand” should be seen not so much that now borrow 10 000 dollars, and I would venture – no! Need a systematic approach, namely the risk clearly do not just worth more than 50-100 dollars (the money is enough to teach !!!) and understanding what is forex and how to sell it and make a profit and the risk.
One of your reports I’ve shown here it again:
Report on the trade of the course “Safe forex”
Is not this proof that Forex can earn !?
But the thing is not even that you can earn 1-2 times and provide for themselves for life (this will likely never will be), but rather, that you brought your income by forex on a constant level. Here you should work on and something to strive for.
And now the 2nd passing question:
Is it possible to earn on Forex permanently?

The word “always” of course has no boundaries and nothing is eternal in this world, but if you have in mind for at least the next few years, the answer is: YOU CAN!
You can make a profit on forex on a regular basis, if you will:
Study (as it is not bonalno sounds), taught by experienced traders practitioners rather than from freeloaders and traders who know nothing about the forex market.
Closely follow their forex strategy
Disciplined trader and realize that money management and capital management – Safety Fundamentals Forex (security of your deposit)
Continuing to practice and not to be lazy and rely on “maybe”.
That is, in principle, all the components of a profitable forex trading and only doing them, you can learn to consistently make the forex market!
How much can you earn on Forex?

The next question is even more interesting, but no less popular and the answer I have ready for him:
And you can earn $ 1 and $ 100 million and a billion – no restrictions!
But if you are a novice trader, then your income depends on:
Experience (training, practice)
Capital (the higher the capital, the greater the volume, you can open the transaction and, accordingly, to make a profit, but the risks are growing – do not forget about it)
Psychological stability, in other words, psychology (pernicious: fear and greed)
Your strategy (the more accurate you will find entry and exit points, the higher the chance to close the deal with a profit)
Your risks, you take on himself (the higher the risk, the higher the chance to earn a lot at once or lose a lot at once, because the risks are not recommended more than 2-5% of the depot on the deal!)
Of course you waited number, rather than these items, because that’s the number:
Professional trader in the forex earning on average 20% per month of the amount of capital!
That is, if you have $ 100, then your limit is around 20 dollars a month, if you have $ 1,000, then $ 200 per month. Again, this is a risk of 2-5% and proven forex strategy you personally. As an example, here are some of them:
Forex Strategy “Flag + ABC”
Strategy graphical analysis: The course “Fundamentals of graphic constructions forex” (I recommend everyone !!!)
The strategy of the course “Safe forex 2” – it is also a strategy of betting site based on graphical analysis of forex.
An experienced trader (trained and constantly working on yourself, on your strategy) receives an average of 10% profit per month!
ie $ 10 to $ 100 on deposit in a month and 100 of the $ 1,000 and so on. Not only such profits are many traders who have completed the “Safe forex 2”, here are their reviews about the course == >>>
Novice trader, but gets some experience, perhaps trading on the news, and sometimes gets up to 50-100% per month
But not always, and at one point may drain (yes, there is, very often, or even in 90-95% of cases) merges the deposit or its remnants. And well if he rented profits periodically, and if not, alas situation is bad …
The second group of traders beginners just constantly drained their deposits and it does not teach them anything, but the problem is that they do not want to learn (to learn) forex trading and all waiting for freebies or some luck, some luck or just play .
I think the answer to the basic questions and you decide to give it is certainly worth the forex or not, but I made ​​my choice and have been trading on it since 2006 and make a profit on an ongoing basis.
P.S. In one of the following articles in this section we will look at ways to earn money on Forex! – Do not Miss