Cynthia Case

Talking about women and finances, many smiles, but history proves that women are able to succeed in this field. So, Cynthia Case – the famous trader, whose success story is based solely on the interest of the financial markets, and the desire to work and earn an incredible commitment.
Cynthia does not believe in intuition in general, as well as in empirical methods. Method of its work with the markets is based solely on a scientific approach and technical analysis. She has independently developed a set of different technical indicators used in the process of the transaction. Cynthia is also interested in the basic analysis, trusting, and the only technical indicators.
Cynthia came to trading in 1983, not on their own initiative. At that time, she worked for a company called Standard Oil of California, which management decided to transfer a young employee in the trading department. It was connected with the implementation of programs for management training.
Cynthia Case
Young trader on Education chemical engineer, but that did not stop to become a successful trader. Moreover, according to Cynthia, her specialty greatly assisted in the work on the market. It was the first company employee, who persuaded management to put a computer in the office. Personal computers in 1983, only appeared, but due to technical education future famous trader well versed in them.
A young woman from the first day of work at the stock exchange has learned that there is success requires a lot of work on their own and always rely only on themselves. Since 1985, the trading Cynthia captured completely, it continues to operate today. Trader has developed its own technical indicators, as well as the belief that one should always, no matter the situation.
Beliefs Cynthia only three. She tries never to listen to others’ advice to work hard and are very aggressively working, trying to get from the lessons not only money, but also positive emotions. Today, she is engaged in trading in own pleasure, advises major clients. Often limited to forecasting energy market, although the indicators that developed Cynthia Case, relevant to all markets.

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