DJIA Today: how long the plastic bonanza will last?

DJIA Today: how long the plastic bonanza will last? Since 2009 the US market was bullish. Nearly five years of quantitative easing led us to greatly inflated financial market and virtualy no real economy progress. Moreover, clever manipulation of DJIA components resulted in a strange and unique flavor of index itself. Let’s look closer on the DJIA today.

DJIA Today: Apple Inc., who entered DJIA pantheon not so long ago presented their shiny new stuff. With all the usual glare the world has to behold.. very dubious watches and ‘new’ MacBook Air. Are they really important for the economy? Are they producing work places except at the FOXCONN? Will they fill in some needs, except of PR? Not in any way. But Apple’s shares. Already heavy overheated, have risen another 1% during Tim Cook’s show. And that leads us to the main question — when it will all end up in flame?

The answer is plain and simple. The market heat has started in 2009 with QE1. When the QEZ will be done, the market will crash to it’s basics. And they will definitely exclude funny emoji-laden plastic things. So, what will happen’? Could the DJIA get higher today?

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