Forex Strategy – what is it?

Trading on the forex market in order to profit on an ongoing basis, is impossible without the systematization of trade, ie without following strict rules and laws governing the use of the market.
Forex Strategy-as just such a set of rules, including a description of the following items:
1) The currency pair for which there is a trade
2) The interval at which there is a trade in the forex strategy considered
3) Set forex indicators describing the parameters if the strategy forex indicator
4) The rules for entry into the market
5) Terms of the release of their market
6) Examples of trading forex strategy, better with pictures and explanations
7) forex strategy video version *
8) template for easy installation MT4 Forex indicators for consideration forex strategy *
9) Test forex strategy with a detailed report for the period from 1 year and up *
10) Advisor to the forex forex strategy for self-test, or optimizing trade forex strategy *
11) Additional terms of trade, if there *
12) The rules of money management and money management forex *
* Items 7-12 are not mandatory!
Forex trading system, forex trading strategy, trading strategy, forex system, forex trading system – all synonyms of the same concepts and phrases – Forex Strategy (ie a set of rules and tools for trade under certain conditions)!
At its core, Forex Strategy is like a “recipe for cooking meals in the kitchen” – you have “ingredients” and their correct application or “mixing” and gives ready “dish” in the form of profit or the minimum possible loss on forex, in order to preserve total deposit.
Of course does not happen very breakeven forex strategies, all of them losses of course there are, but the fewer the better, and certainly more stable strategy!
Forex Strategy – what is it?
On this website you can find a very large number of strategies, forex, at this moment there are more than 220: indicator, graphics, without indicator, scalping, scalping, simple and including my author Aleksey Loboda forex strategy, described in detail in my video course “Safe forex”.
Just keep in mind that not all of them will work and make profit consistently since the forex market is constantly changing and the smaller range for trade, the less stable strategy. Than the interval the higher the resistance to higher market volatility. In this and choose to trade, it is desirable precisely those strategies or forex trading systems, which are recommended at intervals of H4-D1.

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