Is it possible to earn on Forex?

Maybe Forex – is a pyramid scheme or just something not attainable? and etc. …
To this question I have already answered a huge number of times, both individually and in the comments of the site, personal questions by e-mail.
So I have even formed a ready answer:
Earn possible and necessary, if you have this desire, and you will be able to cope with their fears and greed. And even more so if you understand that, in any case just need to train and practice and you are willing to spend their time, and perhaps some small savings.
Is it possible to make money on forex trading and how much?
BUT, if you want a freebie – it is better not come on the market!
In any case, the situation will be worse if you do not try your hand at forex trading and will reproach myself all my life, or simply join a number of speakers about forex – “This is a scam, my friend lost a lot of money here … Its all been deceived” (and he of course “holy” and nothing much to do to somehow stay here …)
Of course the word “try your hand” should be seen not so much that now borrow 10 000 dollars, and I would venture – no! Need a systematic approach, namely the risk clearly do not just worth more than 50-100 dollars (the money is enough to teach !!!) and understanding what is forex and how to sell it and make a profit and the risk.
One of your reports I’ve shown here it again:
Report on the trade of the course “Safe forex”
Is not this proof that Forex can earn !?
But the thing is not even that you can earn 1-2 times and provide for themselves for life (this will likely never will be), but rather, that you brought your income by forex on a constant level. Here you should work on and something to strive for.
And now the 2nd passing question:
Is it possible to earn on Forex permanently?

The word “always” of course has no boundaries and nothing is eternal in this world, but if you have in mind for at least the next few years, the answer is: YOU CAN!
You can make a profit on forex on a regular basis, if you will:
Study (as it is not bonalno sounds), taught by experienced traders practitioners rather than from freeloaders and traders who know nothing about the forex market.
Closely follow their forex strategy
Disciplined trader and realize that money management and capital management – Safety Fundamentals Forex (security of your deposit)
Continuing to practice and not to be lazy and rely on “maybe”.
That is, in principle, all the components of a profitable forex trading and only doing them, you can learn to consistently make the forex market!
How much can you earn on Forex?

The next question is even more interesting, but no less popular and the answer I have ready for him:
And you can earn $ 1 and $ 100 million and a billion – no restrictions!
But if you are a novice trader, then your income depends on:
Experience (training, practice)
Capital (the higher the capital, the greater the volume, you can open the transaction and, accordingly, to make a profit, but the risks are growing – do not forget about it)
Psychological stability, in other words, psychology (pernicious: fear and greed)
Your strategy (the more accurate you will find entry and exit points, the higher the chance to close the deal with a profit)
Your risks, you take on himself (the higher the risk, the higher the chance to earn a lot at once or lose a lot at once, because the risks are not recommended more than 2-5% of the depot on the deal!)
Of course you waited number, rather than these items, because that’s the number:
Professional trader in the forex earning on average 20% per month of the amount of capital!
That is, if you have $ 100, then your limit is around 20 dollars a month, if you have $ 1,000, then $ 200 per month. Again, this is a risk of 2-5% and proven forex strategy you personally. As an example, here are some of them:
Forex Strategy “Flag + ABC”
Strategy graphical analysis: The course “Fundamentals of graphic constructions forex” (I recommend everyone !!!)
The strategy of the course “Safe forex 2” – it is also a strategy of betting site based on graphical analysis of forex.
An experienced trader (trained and constantly working on yourself, on your strategy) receives an average of 10% profit per month!
ie $ 10 to $ 100 on deposit in a month and 100 of the $ 1,000 and so on. Not only such profits are many traders who have completed the “Safe forex 2”, here are their reviews about the course == >>>
Novice trader, but gets some experience, perhaps trading on the news, and sometimes gets up to 50-100% per month
But not always, and at one point may drain (yes, there is, very often, or even in 90-95% of cases) merges the deposit or its remnants. And well if he rented profits periodically, and if not, alas situation is bad …
The second group of traders beginners just constantly drained their deposits and it does not teach them anything, but the problem is that they do not want to learn (to learn) forex trading and all waiting for freebies or some luck, some luck or just play .
I think the answer to the basic questions and you decide to give it is certainly worth the forex or not, but I made ​​my choice and have been trading on it since 2006 and make a profit on an ongoing basis.
P.S. In one of the following articles in this section we will look at ways to earn money on Forex! – Do not Miss

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