How much do I earn on forex ?

The survey was conducted among the live audience of the site (was placed in one of the predictions of this site EURUSD) and as a result the 1st week following data were obtained:
about 30% of voters traders steadily continue to lose money on forex on live accounts: cent or standard (this is the fastest novice traders who came to the forex recently and want to quickly make a profit, even without going through the initial training) …
more than 21% of respondents traded near zero! That is, in the +, then in the negative, but the overall balance of the deposit – zero (I believe the figure is already a stable result with the prospect of earnings)
26% earn forex stable (!!!) (for more than 6-12 months) and profit from the “about 10% per month” to “more than 100% in a month,” which I personally think is a very, very good result !!! And this fact is also a proof of the fact that Forex traders are not just all sit and steadily lose their income, but also earn, and on a regular basis!
Well, 23% of respondents are trading on demo accounts (most quickly learn the forex market only), or accidentally hit on this very important, in my opinion, the poll.