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Edward Lampert

The success story of Edward Lampert, a prominent financier, is adored by many experienced traders and beginners Exchange. Such stories of hard work and success really are vivid examples to follow. Edward still not old, but he’s already a billionaire, he is not afraid of risk and just loves it, and the conductive ability of any transaction hit its scale and grandeur.
Way of doing business Edward Lampert has an interesting feature – it is always in the shade. His office is located in a four completely nondescript building in Greenwich (CT), which employs 20 people. Not even a sign on the door indicating who works here and why.
Few people believe that it was in this office is performed successful management of fifteen billion dollars hedge fund. As a rule, these structures are hundreds and thousands of analysts, but in the fund under the direction of Edward Lampert, called ESL Investments, the most important question – it’s not the number of people and security.
Edward created his foundation in 1998. And twenty years of his assets with $ 28 million rose to $ 15 billion, with an average annual yield of 29%. State-of-Lampert is estimated at 3.5 billion dollars, which gives him the opportunity to be at the sixty-first place among the richest Americans.
Edward Lampert
Their unique results famous investor explains the originality of thought and action in a certain way. He buys shares of leading successful companies, stores them for a very long time, although generally accepted to play in the fall. Investor from investors require their investment on a long five years, despite the fact that the usual period is one year.
Basic Principles on the whole, what does Lampert, is a thorough analysis. The same applies to the selection of employees. About ongoing operations no one should know, because secrecy is the foundation of security. Some characteristics of its portfolio is not known even to fund investors.
Lampert argues that his teacher was Warren Buffett, and indeed, many of today’s analysts are predicting he future well-known financier, calling the second Buffett. Similarity brilliant investors is that they are both made ​​his fortune in several deposits, though no one believed in their profitability.
Another similar feature – is that both the financier prefer to buy a controlling stake in small portions. All the work of the Foundation is to work very close with the management of investee companies. Relations with analysts and managers are based on the terms mutually beneficial partnership. Such a behavior model provides the ability to influence all decisions, especially when it comes to business models. If the money were invested in a particular company, watch her closely contact foundation staff will constantly.
Edward Lampert
Lampert prefers to cooperate with weak companies, as well as, in his opinion, in the case of changes in the affairs of these companies have a real opportunity to receive significant benefits. That’s why with all companies (or rather, with their heads) Lampert establishing close contact.
An illustrative example of the success of this model of behavior – the development of PS Group. Lampert bought 20% stake in this company in 1990, expecting a quick recovery. He bought shares in large quantities at low prices in 1993, when there was a drop of the course. This led to the fact that the share doubled Lampert and Buffett, staying on the sidelines, has lost more than a third of deposits. Despite the fact that Lampert test of time yet to go through, he was confident enough in their own abilities and the correctness of their decisions, so do not afraid of any test.
Biography Lampert is also quite interesting. He was born in the town of Roslyn (NY) in 1962, the family lawyer. But his father died young of a heart attack and did not leave the family means for existence. For the son of this was the impetus, in fact, he took responsibility for his mother and sister. Edward was well aware that he will have to reach all their own.
Future famous investor has successfully combined training and part-time job as a laborer, not showering and sports. Studying in 9th grade, Lampert has studied the financial literature, interested in the stock market. Then he studied at Yale, showed excellent knowledge of the scope of investment. One of his mentors – James Tobin, a Nobel laureate in economics.
After graduating main goal Edward was willing to work only for themselves, for which he created the fund. The first years he behaved like all the usual investors bought shares in various companies, shares in holding companies, began to affect the management of the companies, after which stocks began to rise rapidly in value.
Equally surprising was the decision for the world of Edward in 2002 to buy debt Kmart. Share price was only 40 cents, and then Lampert bought shares until increased its stake, knowing that bankruptcy can be avoided. Plans were in jeopardy due to the perfect investor to attack, but he was freed from criminals and not thrown it. Win Lampert was 54%, and as a result the company has become a major retail chain, worth $ 32 billion.
Next Lampert repeatedly acquired shares in other companies, taking a number of reasonable management decisions. He manages its own assets, though, it has about 300,000 employees. The basic principle in the work of Lampert – the ability to sacrifice for the sake of profit. He gets rid of unprofitable product, betting on success.
The famous investor invests only in companies carefully studied beforehand. Plans Edward Lampert never reveals, but all his decisions surprisingly successful.