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How to start trading in Forex ?

Every newbie asks how to start trading in Forex and make it the most successful professionally, using all available means and constantly increasing its deposit. In order to create a profitable business in the foreign exchange market, you must first understand how it works, what affects the changes in exchange rates, how to use these or other technical means to carry out analysis and forecasts, to conclude the transaction.
Forex training is one of the basic conditions for successful trading. Do not learn all and relying on the fact that in the course of trade, all will become clear, traders lose all their money. It is because of frivolous attitude to the need to learn and to give full attention to trading, more than 90% of new traders in the first deals made lose all your deposit and stop career, so its not starting, actually.
Experienced traders recommend Forex beginners do not neglect any theoretical or practical training. Before you begin to trade on Forex, it is advisable to take a course, whether it is a class in a classroom or independently video. Information must be filed systematically and clearly, be accurate, concise and truly relevant for the novice trader. Today, many brokerage companies, private traders offer courses for beginners and free Forex desirable to use this opportunity to learn a lot.
How to start trading in Forex
A trader should pay attention to every aspect of the trade. Can not do without the study of terms and concepts, without acquaintance with the history of the forex market. We’ll have to look for information about the functioning of the economy and finance, about the factors affecting the changes in the value of currencies. Trader in the learning process should learn how to perform the technical and fundamental analysis to make predictions, create a trading plan. Forex trading requires discipline and knowledge, ability to cope with emotions and calculate all their actions in advance.
Theoretical training can be immediately combined with practice – to open a cent or a demo account, learn from it to enter into transactions, to perform analysis and make predictions. Practice will make it possible to try to trade, learn a lot from that, what will not tell any one lesson, make up your own trading system, learn not to be afraid of any big gains or big losses.
Useful novice trader can become owner of Forex training. Most traders learn individually, experienced traders to provide invaluable experience and advice from a professional, avoid many of the mistakes beginners as efficiently as possible to spend time and effort on training.
Before you begin to trade on the Forex trader needs to learn a lot, but in the process he constantly have to improve their own skills, to seek new ways of working to adapt to the constantly changing market requirements.

Forex – Freebie or Scam?

And so, what do you think, what is Forex – Freebie or Scam?
Why question is that? Yes, because it is a basic opinion of all others, who somehow came across the Forex market or that view their familiar colliding with forex and has put a stigma for them in this financial market.
1st opinion:
FOREX – is uniquely Freebies!

A typical case:
You come to any DC and you are shown (a deal in 2 sides) and tell how easy it is to trade and make a profit on forex and all that is needed – only know the direction where its sign (!!!) and deposit (which so far are silent) without which the trade will not work of course.
But that’s just a trend – Try to guess!
FOREX – is a Freebie!
Or maybe you just saw a huge number of advertisements on television, big boards and etc. and decided, why not? They say it’s cool – to be a trader, “white collar” – you can tell the elite. Terms of unemployment, and you then own business, there are no chiefs. All you need to – take your 10 points (4-x mark per day) 1 lot and already $ 100 a day! A month is already $ 2000 – and you can not work – cool !!!
Here it is and a freebie …
Or even if you have no money – no problem! DC you will find the same investor that will allow you to trade his money and you will receive 30% of the profits – is not a freebie? And only need to take a course and start trading.
Actually happens sometimes, but sometimes, mostly DC just interested in you as a trader who pays for the training, which is a potential client, open a trading account, and they will receive a commission from your transaction and all of which would not, if DC is an honest and not trying to assign your money in any way (which can sometimes be found) … And the investor will – you are lucky, if not – you will open an account for yourself just as you are “sure that everything you know” and forex you subservient.
And a lot of this and peck, peck, and so I …
2nd opinion:
FOREX – is a scam / divorce!

Forex – Freebie or Scam?
This is the opinion of those who waited for that forex freebie, but obzhehsya … Or is it not your own opinion, but the opinion of friends and relatives of those who lost money when trading in this financial market and of course all said – that there are deceiving and do everything to take your money.
This is a very popular opinion, we have wherever you are lost (even if the fault of their own) – is a scam!
And now, in fact, the reality is:

In fact, neither the 1st or 2nd opinion on forex is not true!
I agree that there can sometimes be and not having the knowledge to make a deal and make a profit, and more than once.
I agree that this is not an easy market in which money is all rowing shovel and all their just handed out.
But it is possible that some unscrupulous DC forex cheat in some cases beginners.
But basically: Forex – a market that just takes a newcomer to the means of their own weaknesses!
That is why, before you come to forex trading, you need not just watch commercials and “take to deceive”, and try to appreciate the sensible reality.
Namely, answer the questions for themselves:
1 Why, if everything is as easy as they say in advertising, you do not see around large of number of successful traders? And indeed why not all about the rich, but on the contrary?
2 What you risk, and most importantly what you are willing to take a chance, if you really want to become a trader? Find out what risks lie in wait for you!
3 Do you realize that in each case, the business class has its pitfalls?
4 Are you ready to overcome all these obstacles?
5 If it is a financial activity and it is possible to become a rich man (secured, millionaire etc), then do not you think that in order to become them, you need to learn a lot ???
6 What do you want from forex – a quick profit or secure future (though maybe not right away)?
If you are faced with the notion that forex – scam, then:
7 Ask them the same questions, and most importantly find out whether tried trader, lost a little bit of money to learn to trade ???
8 Does it just a little bit guilty or blame themselves all around (broker, turned off the light, the internet, someone posovetyval etc), and he is not?
9 Why scam the whole vast structure called FOREX and not the perpetrator himself?
I think you get my hints and now I want to give an objective assessment of the forex market, traders estimate that has gone from a novice, was losing money and did not know how to do to make money in this market, to the experienced trader who makes a profit on forex for many years.
And as FOREX – is:

1) First of all, a business and you need to treat it that way. There are no bosses, costs in the form of rent, delivery and etc., but here you are your own boss and only on how you cope with your ego and will determine whether you are successful or not.
Forex – hard work!
2) Forex trading, this activity, which is required to learn and practice! Without an understanding of what’s going on, not what to do here. You can 1-2-10 times a profit, but in the end without a system of trade can lose everything you have on the trading account.
3) One of the financial markets in which anyone can come and test their strength, to understand this lesson fits him or not (as here deposits from $ 1 and free access for all). On the stock market, you will not be able to trade with $ 1,000 needed deposits 10s and 100-thousand dollars no! That is why forex and one of the most popular markets.
4) On the forex does not give out money to anybody, here they need to make their mind and even psychological mood and on how you yourself will be monitored and the result depends.
5) On the forex more than 90% of new traders keep losing money because of his inexperience! Due to not wanting to teach …
6) If you and will want to really learn and become proficient Treder, you need to learn and practice on a minimum score (cent accounts forex) and believe me, 10-100-200 dollars would be enough to understand the score for forex and are you ready continue to trade.
7) The forex market is really possible to earn a living, make a fortune, at least to become an experienced trader and earn 2-3 thousand dollars, but it needs and capital 5000-20000 thousand dollars. And we’ll discuss this with you in the next lesson on forex training.

Regular trading on Forex

Regular trading on the Forex – a dream of every trader who comes to the market in an attempt to earn good money, while here and losses occur frequently. Stability of the need to ensure from the very first days of trading, which requires the fulfillment of certain requirements of various measures.
Consistently earn can only be one that carefully beforehand all plans and calculates. Make a profit in the hope of “maybe” and luck can be once or at most two, but then the trader will still lose everything, because the rest of the currency market participants transact in accordance with their own predictions and inferences, “bypassing” of those who do not think.
Starting to work on the foreign exchange market in the hope of getting a good income on the Forex trader needs to have a trading plan. The trading plan is necessary to fix everything – concluded the transaction, the analysis used the strategy and indicators, etc. Be sure to periodically analyze their own actions in the future, eliminating errors and multiply successful solutions. Give necessary to plan and perform various tasks of knowledge can guide Forex.
Regular trading on Forex
Of great importance is the proper organization of trade in terms of risks. The trader must determine in advance the amount, expressed as a percentage of the total deposit scrip, which he may lose in one transaction. As soon as the loss from the transaction reaches the set limit, the position should be closed. It is often traders pull up to the last waiting for a miracle, as a result lose ten times more than they could. About it recounts the course “Safe Forex 2.”
Stable Forex trader involves the rejection of experiments for a standard account. In this paper, with a deposit can only use proven and effective means. If there is a desire (or need) to change something, to try new strategies and indicators, for this is a demo account, Cent account. Here you can conduct experiments, without fear of losing a large amount.
Regular trading on Forex – is the result of daily, painstaking and thoughtful of the broker, which should be based on the results of the analysis, adequate projections, risk reduction and continuous improvement of profit. Only careful monitoring of transactions and continuous improvement to help achieve success.