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Rick Redmont

Investor Rick Redmont – fairly well-known trader in shares, and his first experience, he was still a college student. Then, back in 1961, in the markets dominated by the bulls, and it allowed Rick quickly enough and lucky to get ten thousand dollars to turn twenty. While for him this money was not the need to buy something. The main thing – that the revenues grew faster than the income peers.
In 1962 he began to appear the first losses in the markets. Thus, some of the shares are no longer simply continue to grow. In such circumstances, Rick lost almost everything. He recalled with a smile, as earned 20 thousand in 1961 suddenly became in 1962 only two. But this is what was a defining moment for the further fate Redmont. He was interested in that it allows to make money so fast, and even faster to lose them – Trading became his main activity.
That’s when Rick started to learn. He was able to read almost everything that could relate to trading, beginning in 1900 and ending with the 1960s. After graduation, Redmond became a broker. And a couple of years, he decided it was time to start work only for themselves. Consideration, thus, continued in parallel.
Rick Redmont
When the future famous trader faced with technical analysis, figures, he quickly realized that there is not so simple as it seems. Otherwise trading is rapidly enriched to everyone. All figures were for Rick sufficiently clear, but it is understood that they will not be the key to success, so he began to teach the works of Richard Uaykrofa, where it is shown how to use the chart and trade in the market in the 19th century. According to Redmond himself, that after a careful study of the works Uaykrofa he began to really understand the market.
His work Rick bases on trade within the day OEX options. In some cases, it may leave a gap for the night, but he tries to avoid it. Redmond also says that some single integrated system for trading in the market does not exist and can not exist. After all, every trader – a personality. Each has its own approach to work, your nervous system, their own feelings.
Redmont same calls and buys the bonds, but not so as to make the spread, and to determine the direction of the market. The famous trader believes that the fundamental force that drives markets – is supply and demand. A perfect example of the theory can be modified Uaykrofa shareholder value.
So, if the first day of purchase 10,000 shares, the price changes to the item. On the second day – the same situation. On the third day already acquired 20,000 shares, and the price again varies by one point. Then, when acquired 40,000 shares, the price will change to half a point. And on the fifth day, despite the increase in purchases of twice the price already can not change.
Famous speculator notes that the most important thing – it’s fading demand. So that the demand is not lost, needed some specific reasons. After all, he may disappear by itself. But when it comes to sales, there are many reasons to become in a short position. Even when demand is already satisfied, is still a proposal. This explains the fact that the price reacts faster. After all, in the market there are always those who have something to offers, but you can find the demand is not always.
Redmont in their work often uses the Fibonacci sequence. He notes that today the markets are rarely adjusted to 50% of the previous move. In addition, a lot of attention paid Redmont trader psychology, considering the ability to find your own style and develop a plan to trade one of the basic requirements for a successful trader.
Responding to a question about the main character traits trader Rick Redmont stressed that every trader should be able to concentrate and want to learn the niche field of activity in which it is supposed to work. Only training, hard work, the existence of serious baggage of knowledge will help build a stable business that will not be afraid of any changes in the market, no crises, no bad deal.